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Diseases: Abetalipoproteinemia - [OMIM]
Cardiovascular disease
Diabetes mellitus, type II - [OMIM]
Fatty liver disease, nonalcoholic
Insulin resistance
Reference: Kamagate A and Dong HH(2008) FoxO1 integrates insulin signaling to VLDL production. Cell Cycle 7: 3162-3170 [PMID: 18927507]

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Comment Under fasting conditions, FoxO1 expression along with its nuclear distribution is increased, accounting for its augmented transcriptional activity to promote hepatic gluconeogenesis. Under fed conditions, FoxO1 is phosphorylated and translocated to the cytoplasm, resulting in inhibition of gluconeogenesis in the liver. These two reciprocal mechanisms play a critical role in maintaining blood glucose levels within a narrow physiological range in different metabolic states.
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decreases_activity of



via increased cytoplasmic level of FOXO1