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Id: 13,369
Diseases: Hematological
Homo sapiens
Reference: Zhu Y et al.(2016) Antithrombin, an Important Inhibitor in Blood Clots Curr Top Med Chem 16: 666-674 [PMID: 26411319]

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Comment Blood coagulation is healthy and lifesaving because it can stop bleeding. It can, however, be a troublemaker as well, causing serious medical problems including heart attack and stroke. Body has complex blood coagulation cascade to modulate the blood clots. In the environment of plasma, the blood coagulation cascade is regulated by antithrombin, which is deemed one of the most important serine protease inhibitors. It inhibits thrombin; it can inhibit factors IXa and Xa as well. Interestingly, its inhibitory ability will be significantly increased with the existence of heparin.
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