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Tim Jeske, Peter Huypens, Laura Stirm, Selina Höckele, Christine Wurmser, Anja Böhm, Cora Weigert, Harald Staiger, Christoph Klein, Johannes Beckers, and Maximilian Hastreiter

The DEUS R package is a framework for accurate small non-coding RNA (sncRNA) profiling based on differential expression of unique sequences. In comparison to commonly-used mapping-based approaches, DEUS generates read counts on the actual sequence reads. Several advantages of this approach include:

  • Reads that do not map or map to multiple features are retained in the analysis and represented in an unprecedented and more concise manner
  • Sequence clustering provides unique insight into potential processing and editing steps among members of the same cluster
  • No need for a reference genome and, therefore, facilitates sncRNA profiling in virtually any organism
  • Easy to use and flexible due to high modularity
  • Returns intuitively interpretable results

You can download the published version of DEUS here. The lastest version can be found in the GitHub repository.