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Interactor1 (Subject) Interaction type Interactor2 (Object) additional information
1709 MAPT-phosThr231 increases_activity of Alzheimer disease in brain; if MAPT is phosphorylated at Thr231
14981233 Alzheimer disease
2084 Amyloid beta peptide increases_activity of neuronal cytoskeletal lesion
12996 Insulin increases_transport of Amyloid beta peptide from the trans-Golgi-network to the plasma membrane
19712582 Alzheimer disease
5236 Alzheimer disease increases_activity of tau protein deposits via forming of helical filaments (PHFs) and/or straight filaments (SFs)
5243 MAPT-hyperphos increases_quantity of tau protein deposits if TAU is hyperphosphorylated in transgenic mouse
15615647 Alzheimer disease
9121 neurodegeneration increases_activity of Alzheimer disease
20594619 Alzheimer disease
20834 LEP decreases_activity of neurodegeneration attenuation of Abeta-induced neurodegeneration
21335656 Alzheimer disease
36085 LEP decreases_phosphorylation of MAPT-phos
22329649 Alzheimer disease
62259 LEP decreases_quantity of Insulin in beta-cells; by modulation of K+ ATP channels and activation of cyclic nucleotidephosphodiesterase 3B and subsequent suppression of cAMP levels.
62332 increased circulating leptin level decreases_activity of Alzheimer disease
62343 decreased circulating leptin level increases_activity of Alzheimer disease
62348 decreased circulating leptin level increases_quantity of Amyloid beta peptide
62349 decreased circulating leptin level increases_quantity of MAPT-phos
62355 LEP decreases_quantity of Amyloid beta peptide via increasing its clearance, by decreasing BACE1 activity and expression levels.
62357 LEP decreases_quantity of MAPT-hyperphos
62358 LEP increases_activity of neurogenesis
62364 LEP affects_activity of MTOR
62394 MTOR increases_quantity of MAPT aggregation
62473 Amyloid beta peptide increases_activity of leptin-mediated signaling pathway Accumulation of Abeta results in a transient enhancement of Lep signalling that might lead to Lep resistance over time.
25998028 Alzheimer disease