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Interactor1 (Subject) Interaction type Interactor2 (Object) additional information
1606 ADAM17 affects_quantity of TNF in TLR2 stimulated murine microglial cell line BV-2; if SOD1(G93A) is overexpressed
19091752 Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis
5739 ADAM17 NOT affects_activity of Alpha-secretase if EGCG-mediated
16624814 Alzheimer disease
20580 NGF increases_expression of ADAM17
21321391 Alzheimer disease
25106 ADAM17 affects_processing of NOTCH1
25108 TIMP1 NOT decreases_activity of ADAM17
25109 TIMP3 decreases_activity of ADAM17
25111 12-O-Tetradecanoylphorbol 13-acetate affects_activity of ADAM17 leading to the isomerization of disulfide bonds in ADAM17
25112 p38 MAPK increases_phosphorylation of ADAM17 if p38 is activated
21413990 Alzheimer disease
25205 ADAM17 NOT affects_processing of APLP2 BACE1 cleaves after leucine 659.
21695060 Alzheimer disease
25282 12-O-Tetradecanoylphorbol 13-acetate increases_activity of ADAM17
25283 ADAM17 affects_processing of APP after PMA stimulation, independently of ADAM10
20676056 Alzheimer disease
26782 CD9 interacts (colocalizes) with ADAM17 on the surface of endothelial and monocytic cells
26783 CD9 affects_activity of ADAM17
21365281 Alzheimer disease
29723 IL1B increases_expression of ADAM17
29728 TAPI-2 decreases_activity of ADAM17
18021299 Alzheimer disease
36959 ADAM17 affects_quantity of TNF via releasing TNF-alpha from cell membranes
22970774 Alzheimer disease
49946 FLT3-ITD increases_expression of ADAM17
16270043 Acute promyelocytic leukemia
80026 TIMP3 affects_activity of ADAM17
15760767 Atherosclerosis
85761 ADAM17 increases_activity of alpha-secretase pathway
26993302 Alzheimer disease
85962 Alzheimer disease increases_expression of ADAM17 in AD brain
27333034 Alzheimer disease
103524 TRIM37 affects_expression of ADAM17 in osteosarcoma cell lines
29163677 Cancer
Mulibrey nanism
107012 Melatonin affects_expression of ADAM17 at the transcriptional level
28294066 Alzheimer disease
111446 ADAM17 increases_processing of TREM2 resulting in soluble TREM2 (sTREM2)
111448 ADAM17 increases_quantity of TREM2 (soluble) via shedding of TREM2 by the protease
30127720 Neurological
Alzheimer disease
116977 SARS-CoV S protein increases_activity of ADAM17 if SARS-S is bound to ACE2
117211 ADAM17 decreases_quantity of ACE2 via proteolytic processing
117212 ADAM17 affects_activity of TMPRSS2
117762 ADAM17 increases_quantity of ACE2, soluble
24227843 Immunological
SARS-CoV infection
116388 ADAM17 affects_activity of ACE2 via proteolysis
116392 ADAM17 increases_quantity of ACE2, soluble via proteolysis
116393 Angiotensin II increases_activity of ADAM17
116481 ADAM17 increases_activity of Notch signaling pathway
32333398 COVID-19
116917 SARS-CoV-2 S protein increases_activity of ADAM17
116918 ADAM17 increases_processing of ACE2 via proteolytic cleavage
116921 ADAM17 increases_quantity of ACE2, soluble via proteolytic cleavage
116931 ADAM17 decreases_quantity of ACE2, membrane-bound via proteolytic cleavage
32264791 COVID-19
SARS-CoV infection
121046 ADAM17 increases_quantity of ACE2, soluble in primary human airway epithelial cells
19411314 SARS-CoV infection
116976 SARS-CoV S protein increases_activity of ADAM17 after binding to ACE2
133145 ADAM17 increases_quantity of SARS-CoV
133147 ADAM17 increases_activity of TNF
18490652 SARS-CoV infection
117239 AGTR1 increases_activity of ADAM17 in cerebrospinal fluid; during the development of DOCA-salt hypertension
132922 hypertension increases_quantity of ADAM17 in cerebrospinal fluid
28512108 Neurological
SARS-CoV infection
117160 AGTR1 increases_activity of ADAM17 in the hypothalamus ; during DOCA-salt hypertension
28512108 Neurological
117260 AGTR1 increases_activity of ADAM17 in myocardium
133118 ADAM17 decreases_quantity of ACE2 in myocardium
133119 ADAM17 increases_quantity of ACE2, soluble in plasma
24332999 Endocrine
119545 AGTR1 increases_activity of ADAM17
119546 ADAM17 increases_activity of EGFR
119547 ADAM17 increases_activity of TNF via maturation of TNF ligands
119550 ADAM17 decreases_quantity of IL6R
119551 ADAM17 decreases_quantity of sIL6R
32325025 COVID-19
119558 ADAM17 increases_activity of TNF by proteolytic processing of the precursor TNF-alpha
9034191 Inflammation
119890 ADAM17 affects_activity of ACE2 via proteolytic cleavage
32294179 Diabetes mellitus, type II
Insulin resistance
120379 PACS2 affects transport of ADAM17 regulator of ADAM17 trafficking
120380 decreased PACS2 level decreases_quantity of ADAM17 reducing ADAM17 cell-surface levels
120381 PACS2 interacts (colocalizes) with ADAM17 on early endosomes
120384 decreased PACS2 level decreases_activity of ADAM17 reducing ADAM17-dependent ErbB ligand shedding
120387 PACS2 increases_quantity of ADAM17 PACS-2 loss reduces ADAM17 cell-surface levels
120388 PACS2 increases_activity of ADAM17 PACS-2 loss reduces ADAM17-dependent ErbB ligand shedding
120393 RHBDF1 affects_activity of ADAM17
120394 RHBDF2 affects_activity of ADAM17
120395 FURIN affects_activity of ADAM17
26108729 Metabolic
120389 PACS2 increases_activity of ADAM17 on early endosome; stabilizing a pool of the metalloproteinase ADAM17
120390 decreased PACS2 level increases_transport of ADAM17 to lysosomes; reducing ErbB shedding
120391 PACS2-phosSer437 interacts (colocalizes) with ADAM17 on early endosome; Akt-phosphorylated pSer437-PACS-2, mediating delivery of the protease to the cell surface
120398 PACS2-phosSer437 increases_transport of ADAM17 to the cell surface; when PACS2 is phosphorylated by Akt
28476937 Metabolic
120866 ADAM17 decreases_activity of ACE2
120867 Angiotensin II increases_expression of ADAM17
120868 ACE2 decreases_expression of ADAM17
23893738 Diabetes mellitus, type II
Insulin resistance