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Interactor1 (Subject) Interaction type Interactor2 (Object) additional information
8942 Ibuprofen decreases_quantity of amyloid beta deposits Chronic ibuprofen treatment reduces AD-related plaque pathology in B6-R1.40 mice.
8943 Ibuprofen decreases_activity of lipid peroxidation
8944 Ibuprofen decreases_activity of microglial cell activation
8945 Ibuprofen decreases_activity of protein oxidation
8996 Ibuprofen decreases_activity of tyrosine nitration
8997 Ibuprofen affects_activity of response to oxidative stress induced by AD
8998 Ibuprofen decreases_quantity of Reactive oxygen species in primary microglia; if ROS-production is stimulated by fibrillar amyloid beta peptides
20817 Ibuprofen decreases_activity of response to oxidative stress induced by AD
20696495 Alzheimer disease
9000 Ibuprofen decreases_phosphorylation of VAV1 in THP-1 cells; induced by fibrillar Abeta-stimulation
9001 Ibuprofen decreases_activity of signaling signaling disruption to NOX2 (NADPH oxidase) complex assembly
9003 Ibuprofen decreases_activity of NOX2 complex assembly impairment of NOX2 complex assembly
9029 Ibuprofen decreases transport of RAC1 to plasma membrane; inhibition of fibrillar Abeta-mediated Rac translocation to the plasma membrane
9030 Ibuprofen decreases_activity of MAPK14 Abeta-induced MAPK14 (p38) activity
20696495 Alzheimer disease
14406 Ibuprofen decreases_activity of Alzheimer disease
18313368 Alzheimer disease
19533 Ibuprofen decreases_quantity of Amyloid beta peptide (42)
27842 Ibuprofen affects_activity of Gamma-secretase complex
28156 Ibuprofen affects_quantity of Amyloid beta peptide (42)
28158 Ibuprofen affects_quantity of Amyloid beta peptide (38)
21345168 Alzheimer disease
29373 Ibuprofen decreases_activity of PTGS2
29522 Ibuprofen increases_activity of memory in Tg2576 mice over-expressing APP
29525 Ibuprofen affects_activity of regulation of long-term neuronal synaptic plasticity mediated by Abeta
29593 Ibuprofen decreases_quantity of Amyloid beta peptide (42)
18292081 Alzheimer disease
32937 Ibuprofen NOT decreases_quantity of APP (intracellular domain AICD)
12777371 Alzheimer disease
32999 Ibuprofen increases_activity of neurogenesis
33002 Ibuprofen decreases_activity of neuroinflammation
33003 Ibuprofen increases_activity of cell population proliferation Ibuprofen can rescue decreased adult hippocampal cell proliferation.
20689579 Alzheimer disease
35952 Ibuprofen increases_activity of PPARG in a mouse model of AD
35954 Ibuprofen decreases_activity of inflammatory response in a mouse model of AD
35957 Ibuprofen decreases_activity of amyloid-beta pathology in a mouse model of AD
22329649 Alzheimer disease
45672 Ibuprofen decreases_quantity of TNF if cytokine production has been induced by PMA
9422509 Cardiovascular disease