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Interactor1 (Subject) Interaction type Interactor2 (Object) additional information
122 Streptozocin increases_activity of response to oxidative stress
126 Streptozocin increases_quantity of Glucose in serum
127 Streptozocin increases_quantity of TNF in serum; under hyperglycemic condition
128 Streptozocin increases_quantity of NO in serum; under hyperglycemic condition
133 Streptozocin increases_quantity of Lipid hydroperoxide
137 Streptozocin decreases_activity of SOD1
141 Streptozocin decreases_activity of CAT
143 Streptozocin decreases_activity of GSR
145 Streptozocin decreases_activity of GPX1
147 Streptozocin decreases_activity of G6PD
150 Streptozocin decreases_activity of GSTK1
153 Streptozocin increases_expression of RELA
157 Streptozocin increases_activity of CASP3
158 Streptozocin increases_quantity of CYCS in cytosol
19133311 Diabetes mellitus, type I
251 Streptozocin decreases_expression of IL11 in male mice
253 Streptozocin decreases_expression of IL11RA in male mice
254 Streptozocin increases_activity of Diabetes mellitus, type I
256 Streptozocin increases_expression of TNF in male mice
257 Streptozocin increases_expression of IFNG in male mice
258 Streptozocin decreases_expression of IL4 in multiple low doses of streptozotocin (MLD-STZ) treated male mice
262 Streptozocin increases_activity of positive regulation of NF-kappaB transcription factor activity in male mice
263 Streptozocin increases_activity of JUN in male mice
266 Streptozocin increases_activity of CHUK in male mice
15096655 Diabetes mellitus, type I
1139 Streptozocin decreases_expression of SREBF1c
12189 Streptozocin decreases_quantity of Insulin
10570128 Diabetes mellitus, type II
Insulin resistance
2114 Streptozocin decreases_activity of learning or memory
2117 Streptozocin increases_activity of abnormal energy homeostasis in brain
2118 Streptozocin increases_activity of neurodegeneration
2179 Streptozocin increases_expression of ACHE
2181 Streptozocin increases_expression of APP
2199 Streptozocin decreases_expression of CHAT
19712582 Alzheimer disease
2404 Streptozocin decreases_activity of Insulin receptor in neuron; if intra-cerebroventricularly (icv) injected
2405 Streptozocin increases_activity of Alzheimer disease if intra-cerebroventricularly (icv) injected
2407 Streptozocin decreases_activity of energy homeostasis if intra-cerebroventricularly (icv) injected, concerning oxidative/energy brain metabolism
2416 Streptozocin affects_activity of adult behavior if intra-cerebroventricularly (icv) injected
10672254 Alzheimer disease
30905 Streptozocin increases_activity of Insulin resistance
30906 Streptozocin increases_quantity of Corticosterone
30907 Streptozocin increases_activity of Obesity
18278039 Diabetes mellitus, type II
Insulin resistance
30899 Streptozocin decreases_quantity of Insulin
30900 Streptozocin increases_activity of hyperglycemia
30901 Streptozocin increases_quantity of Corticosterone
30902 Streptozocin decreases_activity of neurogenesis in brain, in hippocampus
30903 Streptozocin decreases_activity of learning or memory
18278039 Diabetes mellitus, type II
Diabetes mellitus, type I
Insulin resistance
46885 Streptozocin increases_activity of increased circulating alanine transaminase level in blood serum
46889 Streptozocin increases_activity of increased circulating aspartate transaminase level in blood serum
46890 Streptozocin increases_activity of increased alkaline phosphatase activity in blood serum
46893 Streptozocin increases_activity of abnormal liver physiology
46904 Streptozocin increases_expression of TXNIP in liver
46905 Streptozocin increases_quantity of Reactive oxygen species in liver
46907 Streptozocin increases_quantity of IL1B in blood serum
46908 Streptozocin increases_quantity of IL18 in blood serum
46910 Streptozocin increases_expression of NLRP3 in liver
46912 Streptozocin increases_expression of PYCARD in liver
46914 Streptozocin increases_expression of CASP1 in liver
23647015 Diabetes mellitus, type II
Diabetes mellitus, type I
Insulin resistance
Fatty liver disease, nonalcoholic
47083 TXNIP affects_activity of Streptozocin
18552236 Diabetes mellitus, type II
Insulin resistance
60778 Streptozocin increases_activity of Cataract, diabetic
22355255 Diabetes mellitus, type II
Diabetes mellitus, type I
Insulin resistance