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Interactor1 (Subject) Interaction type Interactor2 (Object) additional information
4470 Methylene blue decreases_activity of HSP70
19793966 Alzheimer disease
41842 Methylene blue decreases_quantity of tau protein deposits in P301L Tau transgenic mice
41864 Methylene blue decreases_quantity of MAPT
41865 Methylene blue decreases_quantity of MAPT-phos
23285020 Alzheimer disease
41875 Methylene blue decreases_activity of Congo red
41876 Methylene blue decreases_activity of Thiazine red
41877 Methylene blue decreases_activity of Thioflavin S
23435411 Alzheimer disease
41890 Methylene blue decreases_quantity of tau protein deposits by promoting disulfide bond formation in Tau via cysteine oxidation
23443659 Alzheimer disease
41904 Methylene blue increases_activity of macroautophagy in the cortex and hippocampus
41908 Methylene blue affects_activity of AMPK
41912 Methylene blue increases_expression of PRKAA1 in vitro
41915 Methylene blue increases_activity of ATP biosynthetic process while energy is in short
41916 Methylene blue increases_expression of PRKAA2 in vitro
41917 Methylene blue increases_expression of PRKAB1 in vitro
41919 Methylene blue increases_expression of PRKAB2 in vitro
111061 Methylene blue affects_activity of negative regulation of neuron death (methylene blue-mediated neuroprotection)
23653592 Alzheimer disease