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Interactor1 (Subject) Interaction type Interactor2 (Object) additional information
7816 Tryptophan affects_quantity of Kynurenine in astrocytes
7824 Kynurenine affects_quantity of Kynurenic acid
19007319 Schizophrenia
7898 Kynurenine affects_quantity of Kynurenic acid
7903 TDO2 increases_quantity of Kynurenine
20147364 Schizophrenia
17489 suicidal behavior increases_quantity of Kynurenine
17490 Major depressive disorder NOT affects_quantity of Kynurenine
21605657 Major depressive disorder
19752 IDO1 affects_quantity of Kynurenine
19753 KMO affects_quantity of Kynurenine
19755 Kynurenine affects_quantity of 3-Hydroxykynurenine
20658274 Neurological
Major depressive disorder
39198 Fenofibrate increases_quantity of Kynurenine in urine
19458390 Diabetes mellitus, type II
Insulin resistance
40242 Diabetes mellitus, type II increases_quantity of Kynurenine in blood
21085649 Diabetes mellitus, type II
Insulin resistance
40888 Alzheimer disease decreases_quantity of Kynurenine in postmortem frontal cortex, caudate nucleus, putamen, hippocampus, and cerebellum of AD brain
41005 Kynurenine increases_activity of kynurenine pathway
41009 tryptophan catabolic process to kynurenine increases_quantity of Kynurenine
59952 Kynurenine increases_quantity of Kynurenic acid
59998 Kynurenine increases_quantity of 3-Hydroxykynurenine
60001 KMO decreases_quantity of Kynurenine
60023 AFMID increases_quantity of Kynurenine via converting formylkynurenine to L-kynurenine
60034 CCBL1 decreases_quantity of Kynurenine
60035 AADAT decreases_quantity of Kynurenine
10226937 Alzheimer disease
41041 Kynurenine affects_quantity of Kynurenic acid Kynurenic acid is a neuroprotective agent.
41051 Kynurenine affects_quantity of Quinolinic acid Quinolinic acid is a neurotoxic agent.
41057 Kynurenine affects_activity of Alzheimer disease
41058 Kynurenine affects_activity of Multiple sclerosis
17017544 Alzheimer disease
Multiple sclerosis
Parkinson disease
47776 IDO1 increases_quantity of Kynurenine
47777 L-Formylkynurenine increases_quantity of Kynurenine
47812 Tryptophan increases_quantity of Kynurenine
12814390 Cardiovascular disease
Coronary heart disease
48887 cigarette smoking decreases_quantity of Kynurenine in blood serum; of current male smokers
23497222 Metabolic
50117 Stroke, ischemic increases_quantity of Kynurenine in plasma; via inducing IDO1 activity
21359968 Stroke, ischemic
Cardiovascular disease
51178 Kynurenine increases_quantity of CYP1A1
51179 Kynurenine increases_quantity of CYP1B1
51180 Metformin decreases_activity of Kynurenine
25110054 Breast cancer
Diabetes mellitus, type II
Insulin resistance
51249 TDO2 increases_quantity of Kynurenine in brain tumor
51250 Kynurenine increases_activity of AHR in brain tumor
51252 Cancer increases_quantity of Kynurenine in tumor cells
51254 Kynurenine increases_activity of AHR via translocation of AHR into the nucleus
51255 Kynurenine increases_expression of CYP1A1 via AHR
21976023 Diabetes mellitus, type II
Insulin resistance
59530 impaired glucose tolerance decreases_quantity of Kynurenine
26366137 Diabetes mellitus, type II
Insulin resistance
59639 Kynurenine affects_quantity of Kynurenic acid
59641 Kynurenine affects_quantity of 3-Hydroxykynurenine
59655 Retinopathy, diabetic increases_quantity of Kynurenine in blood serum
59680 Kynurenine increases_activity of abnormal fear/anxiety-related behavior
59681 Kynurenine decreases_activity of cognition
59683 Kynurenine increases_activity of abnormal depression-related behavior
23813101 Diabetes mellitus, type II
Insulin resistance
Major depressive disorder
59537 Kynurenine affects_activity of regulation of blood pressure
59953 Kynurenine affects_activity of temperature homeostasis
59954 Kynurenine affects_activity of convulsive seizures
59955 Kynurenine affects_activity of abnormal fear/anxiety-related behavior
59977 Kynurenine affects_quantity of NO
23514379 Diabetes mellitus, type II
Insulin resistance
Major depressive disorder