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Interactor1 (Subject) Interaction type Interactor2 (Object) additional information
5880 Caffeine decreases_activity of neuron death in substantia nigra
20230807 Parkinson disease
8581 Caffeine decreases_activity of neuron death in striatum; after MPTP treatment
8582 Caffeine decreases_activity of 1-Methyl-4-phenyl-1,2,3,6-tetrahydropyridine in striatum
8583 Caffeine decreases_activity of glia cell activation in striatum; after MPTP treatment
8586 Caffeine increases_activity of establishment of blood-brain barrier in striatum; after MPTP treatment
8590 Caffeine increases_quantity of TJP1 in striatum; after MPTP treatment
8591 Caffeine increases_quantity of OCLN in striatum; after MPTP treatment
8600 Caffeine decreases_expression of MMP9 in striatum; after MPTP treatment
8614 Caffeine decreases_activity of neuron death in striatum; after MPTP treatment
18808450 Parkinson disease
8579 Caffeine decreases_activity of Parkinson disease
18808450 Parkinson disease
35178 Caffeine increases_activity of decreased insulin sensitivity after acute administration of caffeine
35179 Caffeine increases_activity of hyperglycemia after acute administration of caffeine
35212 Caffeine increases_activity of diet induced thermogenesis in brown adipose tissue
35213 Caffeine increases_expression of UCP1 in brown adipose tissue
35214 Caffeine increases_expression of UCP2 in brown adipose tissue
35215 Caffeine increases_expression of UCP3 in brown adipose tissue
35216 Caffeine increases_activity of increased energy expenditure
35217 Caffeine increases_activity of lipid oxidation
35218 Caffeine increases_activity of lipid catabolic process
35219 Caffeine increases_activity of increased sense of satiety
35225 Caffeine decreases_activity of inflammatory response
35226 Caffeine decreases_activity of Streptozocin-induced diabetes
22458694 Diabetes mellitus, type II
Diabetes mellitus, type I
Insulin resistance
35427 prenatal caffeine ingestion increases_quantity of Caffeine in fetal blood plasma
22583948 Diabetes mellitus, type II
Insulin resistance
43089 Caffeine increases_activity of calcium ion import across plasma membrane into cytosol, in skeletal muscle
16740635 Diabetes mellitus, type II
Insulin resistance
43188 Caffeine increases_activity of Voltage-gated calcium channel
23288979 Circadian rhythm
Sleep disorders
44364 Caffeine increases_expression of PPARGC1A in skeletal muscle
44366 Caffeine increases_quantity of mitochondrion in skeletal muscle
44373 Caffeine increases_activity of increased basal metabolism in skeletal muscle
23882149 Diabetes mellitus, type II
Insulin resistance
48798 Caffeine increases_activity of memory
48800 Caffeine decreases_activity of abnormal spatial working memory
48821 Caffeine decreases_quantity of MAPT-phos in hippocampus
48825 Caffeine increases_quantity of CD68 in hippocampus; CD68 is a marker of innate immunity.
48827 Caffeine increases_quantity of PTPRC in hippocampus; CD45 is a marker of innate immunity.
48828 Caffeine increases_quantity of TLR2 in hippocampus; TLR2 is a marker of innate immunity.
48829 Caffeine increases_expression of CCL4 in hippocampus; CCL4 is a pro-inflammatory cytokine;
48830 Caffeine increases_expression of CCL5 in hippocampus; CCL5 is a pro-inflammatory cytokine;
48831 Caffeine increases_quantity of GFAP in hippocampus
48833 Caffeine increases_expression of TNF in hippocampus; TNFalpha is a pro-inflammatory cytokine;
48838 Caffeine decreases_expression of GABPA in TAU mice; Nrf2, a transcription factor is known to coordinate cellular responses to oxidative stress in the brain.
48839 Caffeine decreases_expression of SOD2 in TAU mice; MnSOD is a NRF2 target gene.
48840 Caffeine decreases_expression of SLC1A1 in TAU mice; EAAT3 is a NRF2 target gene.
48841 Caffeine decreases_quantity of MAPT-hyperphos in hippocampus
48842 Caffeine decreases_activity of neuroinflammation in hippocampus
48843 Caffeine decreases_activity of abnormal learning/memory/conditioning in a transgenic mouse model of tauopathy
24780254 Alzheimer disease