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Diseases: Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis
BTO:0000567 HeLa cell
Reference: Uemura A et al.(2009) Unconventional splicing of XBP1 mRNA occurs in the cytoplasm during the mammalian unfolded protein response. J. Cell. Sci. 122: 2877-2886 [PMID: 19622636]

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Comment In the absence of ER stress, only XBP1(U) mRNA (unspliced XBP1 mRNA) was found in both soluble and insoluble fractions. When cells were treated with thapsigargin for 8 hours, the amount of XBP1(S) mRNA (spliced XBP1 mRNA) was increased by transcriptional induction in response to ER stress, and there was an increase of XBP1(S) mRNA fractionated into the soluble fraction.
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increases_expression of



XBP1(S) mRNA (spliced XBP1 mRNA)