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Diseases: Parkinson disease
Mus musculus
DJ-1-/- or DJ-1+/+ mice
BTO:0004102 cerebral cortical neuron; BTO:0004032 dopaminergic neuron
Reference: Aleyasin H et al.(2010) DJ-1 protects the nigrostriatal axis from the neurotoxin MPTP by modulation of the AKT pathway Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A. 7: 3186-3191 [PMID: 20133695]

Interaction Information:

Comment DJ-1 is necessary for AKT activation and is neuroprotective in response to H2O2.
Formal Description
Interaction-ID: 5074



decreases_activity of


neuron death

via neuroprotective function of AKT
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