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Diseases: Parkinson disease
Rattus norvegicus
BTO:0001009 PC-12 cell
Reference: Rodriguez-Blanco J et al.(2008) Intracellular signaling pathways involved in post-mitotic dopaminergic PC12 cell death induced by 6-hydroxydopamine. J. Neurochem. 107: 127-140 [PMID: 18665912]

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Comment To confirm that the increase in intracellular oxidants soon after 6-OHDA treatment is involved in the cell death induced by this neurotoxin, post-mitotic PC12 cells were pre-incubated with several antioxidants for 4 h before the addition of 6-OHDA for another 24 h. All the antioxidants used, except estradiol and trolox, were able to reduce the cell damage induced by 6-OHDA.
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