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Diseases: Cardiomyopathy, diabetic
Diabetes mellitus, type II - [OMIM]
Insulin resistance
Reference: Shah MS and Brownlee M(2016) Molecular and Cellular Mechanisms of Cardiovascular Disorders in Diabetes Circ. Res. 118: 1808-1829 [PMID: 27230643]

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Comment In arterial endothelial cells free fatty acid-induced increase in ROS activates the same damaging pathways seen with high glucose: AGEs, PKC, the hexosamine pathway (GlcNAc), and NFkappaB. Free fatty acid–induced overproduction of superoxide also activates a variety of proinflammatory signals previously implicated in hyperglycemia-induced vascular damage, and inactivates 2 important antiatherogenic enzymes: prostacyclin synthase and eNOS.
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increased free fatty acid level

increases_activity of

drug/chemical compound

Advanced glycation end-product

in arterial endothelial cells