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Diseases: Colorectal cancer - [OMIM]
Diabetes mellitus, type II - [OMIM]
Insulin resistance
Homo sapiens
Reference: Ridlon JM and Bajaj JS(2015) The human gut sterolbiome: bile acid-microbiome endocrine aspects and therapeutics Acta Pharm Sin B 5: 99-105 [PMID: 26579434]

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Comment The authors propose the term “sterolbiome” to describe the repertoire of human gut microbiome genes involved in the uptake and metabolism of host, pharmaceutical and diet derived steroids. Bile acids (BAs) are activators of several mammalian nuclear receptors. The sterolbiome interacts with these receptors by producing secondary BAs with altered affinities to these receptors. BA affinities for FXRalpha are as follows: chenodeoxycholate (CDCA) > lithocholic acid (LCA) = deoxycholic acid (DCA) > cholic acid (CA). FXRalpha plays important roles in regulation of BA synthesis, regulation of the enterohepatic circulation of BAs, in addition to regulation of glucose, lipoprotein, lipid metabolism, inflammation, and tumor suppression.
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