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Diseases: Alzheimer disease - [OMIM]
Reference: Cai Z et al.(2012) Roles of AMP-activated protein kinase in Alzheimers disease Neuromolecular Med. 14: 1-14 [PMID: 22367557]

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Comment Resveratrol activates AMPK by increasing intracellular Ca2+ levels and by promoting AMPK phosphorylation at Thr-172 by CaMKKbeta and thus lowers Abeta levels through inhibiting mTOR to induce autophagy and then promoting intracellular degradation of Abeta by the lysosomal system in vitro. Two of resveratrol analogues, RSVA314 and RSVA405, share with resveratrol the same mechanism of action: facilitating CaMKKbeta-dependent activation of AMPK, inhibiting mTOR, and promoting autophagy and lysosomal degradation of Abeta.
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drug/chemical compound


increases_activity of



via activating AMPK.
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