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Diseases: Neurological
Mus musculus
Li-treated WT mice, IMPA1-KO mice, Slc5a3-KO mice, 8-week-old mice
frontal cortex
Reference: Toker L et al.(2014) Inositol-related gene knockouts mimic lithiums effect on mitochondrial function Neuropsychopharmacology 39: 319-328 [PMID: 23924600]

Interaction Information:

Comment The expression of the following genes was significantly changed in the same direction (upregulation or downregulation) in IMPA1-KO and in SMIT1-KO mice as well as in Li-treated WT mice as compared with their respective WT-untreated littermates: up-regulated Cox5a, Ndufab1, Ndufs7, Uqcrfs1 or down-regulated: Gaa, Gemin4, Rc3h1.
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