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Diseases: Alzheimer disease - [OMIM]
Homo sapiens
BTO:0000007 HEK-293 cell
Reference: Kang DE et al.(1999) Presenilin 1 facilitates the constitutive turnover of beta-catenin: differential activity of Alzheimers disease-linked PS1 mutants in the beta-catenin-signaling pathway J. Neurosci. 19: 4229-4237 [PMID: 10341227]

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Comment Overexpression of PS1 led to increased association of beta-catenin with glycogen synthase kinase-3b (GSK-3b), a negative regulator of b-catenin, and accelerated the turnover of endogenous beta-catenin.
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Interaction-ID: 9746



decreases_activity of



(if PS1 is overexpessed) by phosphorylation of CTNNB1 that can be therefore degradated;
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