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Diseases: Lung disease
Pulmonary hypertension
Homo sapiens
Bmpr2(del)Ex2/+, 8-10 week-old
Reference: Frank DB et al.(2008) Increased susceptibility to hypoxic pulmonary hypertension in Bmpr2 mutant mice is associated with endothelial dysfunction in the pulmonary vasculature Am. J. Physiol. Lung Cell Mol. Physiol. 294: L98-L109 [PMID: 18024717]

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Comment Expression of phospho-Smad1/5/8 was significantly increased in wild-type mice exposed to hypoxia for 4 days, while phospho-p38 MAPK expression was decreased. Both responses were reduced in hypoxic Bmpr2(del)Ex2/+ mutant mouse lungs.
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increases_phosphorylation of



thereby increasing SMAD activity