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Diseases: Metabolic
Homo sapiens
HepG2 cell; A549 cell; H1299 cell
Reference: Roudier E et al.(2006) Statins induce mammalian target of rapamycin (mTOR)-mediated inhibition of Akt signaling and sensitize p53-deficient cells to cytostatic drugs Mol. Cancer Ther. 5: 2706-2715 [PMID: 17121917]

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Comment Insulin – and cytostatic drug – induced Akt phosphorylation and nuclear translocation was inhibited by pravastatin and atorvastatin in HepG2, A549, and H1299 cells in an mTOR-dependent manner. This effect can be counteracted in p53 competent cells by the ability of statins to destabilize p53.
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drug/chemical compound


decreases_phosphorylation of



insulin- and cytostatic drug-induced Akt phosphorylation
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