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Diseases: Cancer
Diabetes mellitus, type II - [OMIM]
Insulin resistance
Homo sapiens
Reference: Choi H et al.(2008) Curcumin attenuates cytochrome P450 induction in response to 2,3,7,8-tetrachlorodibenzo-p-dioxin by ROS-dependently degrading AhR and ARNT Cancer Sci. 99: 2518-2524 [PMID: 19018768]

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Comment To investigate the mechanism by which curcumin inhibits the XRE binding of AhR, AhR and ARNT levels in total cell lysates were analyzed. ARNT levels were reduced during curcumin treatment, but AhR was also down-regulated by curcumin. In nuclear fractions, AhR and ARNT levels were found to be enhanced by TCDD, whereas their total levels were not significantly altered. This suggests that AhR is activated by TCDD and that it is then translocated to the nucleus with ARNT. Furthermore, curcum in noticeably reduced nuclear AhR and ARNT levels in TCDD-treated cells, but not their cytosolic levels.
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in Hep3B hepatic cancer cells; via inhibition of dioxin-induced translocation into the nucleus