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Diseases: Alzheimer disease - [OMIM]
Mus musculus
THY-Tau22 transgenic mouse
Reference: Laurent C et al.(2014) Beneficial effects of caffeine in a transgenic model of Alzheimers disease-like tau pathology Neurobiol. Aging 35: 2079-2090 [PMID: 24780254]

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Comment Caffeine modulates hippocampal neuro-inflammatory and oxidative stress markers in THY-Tau22 mice. Markers of innate immunity (CD68, CD45, TLR2) and astrocytes (GFAP) as well as several pro-inflammatory cytokines (CCl4, CCl5 and TNFalpha) were significantly upregulated in the hippocampus of THY-Tau22 as compared to WT animals.
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increases_expression of



in hippocampus; CCL5 is a pro-inflammatory cytokine;
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