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Id: 4,105
Diseases: Cancer
Rattus norvegicus
Reference: Peverelli E et al.(2012) Filamin-A is essential for dopamine d2 receptor expression and signaling in tumorous lactotrophs J. Clin. Endocrinol. Metab. 97: 967-977 [PMID: 22259062]

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Comment By immunohistochemistry and Western blot, both FLNA and D2R were strongly reduced or absent in DA-resistant prolactinomas in comparison with DA-sensitive tumors. The demonstration that FLNA silencing in DA-sensitive prolactinomas resulted in a significant reduction of D2R expression and abrogation of DA-induced signals, whereas FLNA overexpression in DA-resistant prolactinomas restored D2R expression and responsiveness to DA, strongly points to a crucial role of FLNA in D2R expression and signaling in tumorous lactotrophs.
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