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Diseases: Diabetes mellitus, type II - [OMIM]
Insulin resistance
Reference: de Lorgeril M et al.(2013) Recent findings on the health effects of omega-3 fatty acids and statins, and their interactions: do statins inhibit omega-3 BMC Med 11: 5 [PMID: 23289647]

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Comment A second mechanism would be through alteration of mitochondrial function, a key component of myocardial preconditioning. Chronic myocardial preconditioning, that is, the ability of the myocardium to withstand an ischemia-reperfusion injury and limit the extent of cell death during and after myocardial ischemia, is a major determinant of the outcome of any heart attack. Mitochondria are critical in the induction of myocardial preconditioning, and also of neuroprotection, and n-3 induce a chronic myocardial preconditioning state which is likely explained by 'improved' mitochondrial function. On the other hand, statins are toxic for the mitochondria in a dose-dependent manner and patients treated with statins do have impairment of mitochondrial respiration.
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