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Diseases: Diabetes mellitus, type II - [OMIM]
Insulin resistance
Obesity - [OMIM]
Mus musculus
BTO:0000443 adipocyte
Reference: Talior I et al.(2003) Increased glucose uptake promotes oxidative stress and PKC-delta activation in adipocytes of obese, insulin-resistant mice. Am. J. Physiol. Endocrinol. Metab. 285: E295-E302 [PMID: 12857675]

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Comment The adipocytes used were isolated either from C57Bl/6J mice that were raised on a high-fat diet (HF) and developed obesity and insulin resistance or from control animals. Basal glucose uptake significantly increased (8-fold) in HF adipocytes, and this was accompanied with upregulation of GLUT1 expression levels.
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high-fat diet

increases_activity of


glucose import

in adipose tissue; if mediated by GLUT1