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Diseases: Diabetes mellitus, type II - [OMIM]
Insulin resistance
Reference: Schmidt AM et al.(1999) Activation of receptor for advanced glycation end products: a mechanism for chronic vascular dysfunction in diabetic vasculopathy and atherosclerosis. Circ. Res. 84: 489-497 [PMID: 10082470]

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Comment In the setting of hyperglycemia, nonenzymatic glycoxidation results from the interaction of aldoses, such as glucose, with free amino groups on polypeptides or lipids. Formation of early glycation end products, such as Schiff bases and Amadori products, the best-known of which is hemoglobin A1c, is reversible. Further molecular rearrangements, often involving oxidation, eventuate in the formation of advanced glycation end products (AGEs).
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Advanced glycation end-product