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Diseases: Cardiovascular disease
Diabetes mellitus, type II - [OMIM]
Insulin resistance
Myocardial infarction - [OMIM]
Nephropathy, diabetic
Neuropathy, diabetic
Retinopathy, diabetic
Stroke, ischemic - [OMIM]
Reference: Lardizabal JA and Deedwania PC(2010) The role of renin-angiotensin agents in altering the natural history of type 2 diabetes mellitus Curr Cardiol Rep 12: 464-471 [PMID: 20809236]

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Comment Bradykinin has been shown to increase insulin sensitivity and enhance skeletal muscle glucose uptake by activating B2 kinin receptors in the muscle cells and by upregulating the GLUT glucose transport system. Bradykinin-potentiated glucose uptake has been demonstrated in cardiac tissue as well.
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increases_activity of


glucose import

in skeletal muscle, in cardiac muscle