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Diseases: Diabetes mellitus, type II - [OMIM]
Insulin resistance
Obesity - [OMIM]
Mus musculus
high-fat diet-induced obese and leptin-deficient ob/ob male C57BL/6J mouse
Reference: Weisberg SP et al.(2008) Dietary curcumin significantly improves obesity-associated inflammation and diabetes in mouse models of diabesity Endocrinology 149: 3549-3558 [PMID: 18403477]

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Comment Curcumin reduced the number of macrophages present in the perigonadal white adipose tissue of DIO and ob/ob mice as determined by staining with a macrophage-specific F4/80 antibody.
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drug/chemical compound


decreases_quantity of

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in perigonadal white adipose tissue; in mouse models of obesity-related diabetes