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Diseases: Alzheimer disease - [OMIM]
Chronic granulomatous disease
Reference: Wilkinson BL and Landreth GE(2006) The microglial NADPH oxidase complex as a source of oxidative stress in Alzheimers disease J Neuroinflammation 3: 30 [PMID: 17094809]

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Comment Confirmation of NADPH oxidase participation in Abeta-induced ROS production has been obtained utilizing cells obtained from patients with the rare recessive genetic disorder, chronic granulomatous disease (CGD). This disease is characterized by a mutation in the genes that encode one of the essential subunits of the NADPH oxidase: p22phox, p47phox, p67phox or gp91phox. These defects render the cells unable to generate H2 O2 in response to any agonist of the oxidase. Subsequent studies have substantiated that the NADPH oxidase is essential for Abeta-induced ROS production.
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NADPH oxidase complex

affects_quantity of

drug/chemical compound

Reactive oxygen species

if ROS production is Abeta-induced