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Diseases: Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis
BTO:0001976 Neuro-2a cell
Reference: Zhong Z et al.(2009) Activated protein C therapy slows ALS-like disease in mice by transcriptionally inhibiting SOD1 in motor neurons and microglia cells J. Clin. Invest. 119: 3437-3449 [PMID: 19841542]

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Comment Neuroprotection by APC reduces hemoglobin and ROS toxicity. Addition of mutant 5A-APC (having 10% of the anticoagulant activity of WT-APC but retaining normal cytoprotective activity) at concentrations comparable to therapeutically effective levels in SOD1G93A mice abolished hemoglobin (Hb)-induced toxicity and lowered detectable levels of ROS. S360A-APC was ineffective in improving cell survival or preventing ROS generation.
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