The new release of the CIDeR database is now (22.09.2016) available. It provides more than 12.000 new interactions from 1300 scientific articles.

About CIDeR

CIDeR is a manually curated database of interactions between disease-related elements such as biomolecules (proteins, metabolites etc.) and other factors (biological processes, phenotypes etc.). The aim of CIDeR is to serve as knowledge base for experimentally-oriented scientists and as resource for bioinformatics applications.

General Statistics

Number and list of articles: 5326
Number of interactions: 52083
Number of entries: 5984

DePick manuscript networks:

The networks were created in a collaboration with the group of Monica Campillos. See "Systematic Identification of Pharmacological Targets from Small-Molecule Phenotypic Screens" (PMID: 27667560).